Wildland Firefighting

Early Winters is a privately owned wildland firefighting company based out of Winthrop, WA. When we first started in 2003, we had 1 wildland engine and 4 employees. Now there are 8 engines and close to 30 employees Early Winters has a contract with the United States Forest Service. This contract is often adopted by the WA Department of Natural Resources and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. We primarily operate in Washington and Oregon but we have recently traveled as far as SE Montana and southern California. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make some decent money in the later summer and early fall months, Early Winters is the place for you.

Excellent Seasonal Employment Opportunity!
· Dynamic people
· Team-oriented environment
· Exciting locations, opportunity to travel
· Excellent hourly/daily wages
· Opportunity for advancement
· No experience required - training available in early spring
· Full-time and part-time positions available
· Outdoor work environment

Employee Links
· Application Form
· What to Have Ready
· I-9 Form
· W-4 Form

. IS-100.b
. IS-700.a
. IS-200.b

  Services We Provide
  • Fire prevention consultation
  • Controlled burning
  • Brush thinning
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Firewood sales & delivery

Contact Us
Aaron Lee & Judy Burkhart
Winthrop, WA
(509) 996-2659
(509) 669-1218